RCMP Report: Bong seized from student at Golden Secondary

Both the parents and students were spoken with by school officials and police. The item was then seized by police and will be destroyed.

Individual upset after missed bus

The Golden-Field RCMP was called on January 18 after the caller noticed a male yelling and waving his hands on the Highway 95 overpass. Two police officers responded and determined that the male had missed his bus and was upset. Police received additional calls in relation to the male throughout the day however the male was not committing any offences and is believed to have eventually made his way back to the bus.

Driving without insurance

A 21 year-old male from Golden received a $598 Violation Ticket for driving without insurance on January 18 after police conducted a traffic stop on 6th Street North. “The vehicle was initially stopped for a burnt out headlight,” said Cst. Spencer Lainchbury, spokesperson for the Golden-Field RCMP. Police allege that the driver was unable to provide valid insurance, and that police information queries indicated that the vehicle insurance had been expired.

Another 21 year-old driver, also from Golden, received the same $598 Violation Ticket for no insurance on January 20 after police stopped the male for a burnt out head light. Police allege that the driver in this instance was also not able to provide valid insurance, and queries also indicated it was expired.

Both vehicles were towed as they are not permitted to remain on a public roadway without insurance.

Suspicious person around Nicholson

Police are warning residents south of town to be on the lookout for people entering their yards after several reports were received this week of a suspicious person walking in yards at night time, all near Nicholson and Highway 95.

“We responded to one call in Nicholson on January 19 around 3:00 am, and observed several fresh footprints in the snow going in and out of people’s driveways,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Police would ask residents that if they see anyone suspicious walking around their yard or near their property, that they call 911 immediately.

Fraudulent cheque mailed to local

Local police are again warning residents to be cautious when dealing with people who are either asking for or sending large amounts of money after a fraudulent cheque was mailed to a local resident. “The cheque, which was for just over $16,000, was sent to the target claiming she had won money from Publisher’s Clearing House,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Fearing it may be a scam; the cheque was brought to a lawyer who stated they believed the item was fraudulent and advised their client to bring the item to police. Police were then able to link the information to a common scan.

“We would recommend that you always err on the side of caution, and check with police before sending or depositing monies received from unknown parties,” added Cst. Lainchbury.

Fraudulent call received

A local resident contacted police on January 23 after she received a phone call from Constable Shawn White with the Crime Division in Nova Scotia. The male caller requested that the resident call him back to avoid facing serious legal trouble.

“We would suggest to residents that if they are unsure if they are speaking with an actual police officer, that they obtain the officer’s badge number and contact that officers police department to have them confirm if the call is real,” said Cst. Lainchbury. In this instance no information was provided by the caller, however police believe that the suspect may have been looking for the victim to provide personal details to use in identity theft or for a monetary scam.

Driving prohibition issued

A 32 year-old male from Vernon was issued a 90 day driving prohibition and 30 day vehicle impoundment on January 22 after police alleged that the male had care and control of a motor vehicle while impaired near 10th Avenue North.

“The officer noticed an overpowering odor of liquor coming the male’s breath, and a breath demand was made,” said Cst. Lainchbury. “A sample was provided on an approved screening device, which the officer alleges registered a ‘fail’ reading.”

Drug paraphernalia seized from GSS

Police were called to the high school on January 22 after staff seized a bong, an item commonly used to smoke marijuana, from one of the students at the school.

Both the parents and students were spoken with by school officials and police. The item was then seized by police and will be destroyed.

Child allegedly drives snowmobile

A parent of a six-year old child received a violation ticket on January 21 after police allege that a snowmobile drove by a parked police vehicle on Nicholson Road.

“Officers were able to follow the snowmobile back to a residence in Nicholson and identified the 6 year-driver and his father,” said Cst. Lainchbury. The father was issued a violation ticket for not having insurance, failing to wear a helmet, and allowing a minor to drive, all offences under the Motor Vehicle Act. The Ministry of Children and Family Services (Social Services) was also contacted and advised of the incident.

Ford Escort hit while parked

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them after receiving a report on January 23 that a Red Ford Escort had been side-swiped while parked overnight on 11th Street South. The Golden-Field RCMP can be reached at 250-344-2221 or callers can provide tips anonymously through Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Emergency Services Ball on Apr. 23.

Local Emergency Services personnel would like to remind everyone to save the date for this year’s Emergency Services Ball at Emerald Lake, which is scheduled for Saturday, April 23.

Vehicles impounded for speeding

A 40 year-old male from Calgary was issued a Violation Ticket for Excessive Speeding on January 18 after police allege that the male was travelling 150km/h in a 90km/h zone on Highway 1 in Yoho National Park. The driver’s vehicle was also impounded for 7 days.

Another male from Calgary had his vehicle impounded on January 22 after police allege that the driver was travelling 146km/h in a 100km/h zone on Highway 1 near 5 mile hill, east of Golden. Police also allege that the driver initially refused to pull over for police who were following him with lights and sirens activated. The male was issued a $368 Violation Ticket for Excessive Speed as well as a ticket for failing to stop for police.