RCMP Report: Aggressive drivers and school preparing to start

The Golden RCMP are spending much of their time up on the Trans Canada Highway dealing with aggressive drivers.

Thefts from cars

Golden RCMP are still investigating a number of incidents involving thefts from cars which happened on a single night.

Currently there have been no additional incidents.

However the RCMP want to remind people not to leave valuables in their cars and would also like residents to lock their doors and keep their windows up overnight.

An RCMP spokesperson said these types of incidents are sometimes  related to the fact the town is right along the Trans Canada Highway with a high number of transients coming through town.

Aggressive Driving

The Golden RCMP have been spending a great deal of time on the Trans Canada Highway dealing with drivers who are overly aggressive as of late.

Many calls deal with aggressive driving, passing on solid lines, tail gating, and other forms of dangerous driving.

Drivers in general are reminded to provide a safe distance between vehicles and adhere to speed limits when driving.

Drivers are also reminded to be observant of construction zones and not to attempt to pass on the shoulder of the highway.

Another area drivers are advised to be careful are cars which have pulled off to the side of the highway or looking to turn off of the highway.

Dog issues

People who take their dogs into crowded places are reminded to keep the animals under control at all times but especially in large crowds and at peak times.

RCMP said there have been incidents of dogs biting each other when in areas where many people are together.

In one such case a young child was bitten by a dog in the Spirit Square.

Residents  are cautioned to pay attention to dogs even if they seem to be well behaved.

Owners are advised not to bring the animals to areas like the  Spirit Square at peak times because of situations like the recent biting incident. If you do decide to bring a dog to a crowded area the RCMP ask you take particular care the animal is kept under control.

School opening

Drivers are reminded that school zones are coming back into effect as of the first day of school.

From 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. the speed limit will be 30 kilometres per hour.

RCMP will be having a presence in the school zones as of the first day of school. Drivers are reminded to take extra caution in these areas as many children will be heading to school

Children who are riding their bikes or walking to school are also reminded to be careful when they are crossing streets as traffic in those areas may be busier than usual.

Parents are reminded to cover safety issues with their children before the start of the school year.