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RCMP identify dangerous driver from near head-on collision by Golden

Police say the extremely dangerous and illegal maneuver put multiple lives at risk

RCMP say they have identified the truck driver from a video posted online last month of a dangerous illegal manoeuvre near Rogers Pass.

A dash cam video shared by Putt Jattan De Driver Truckkan De shows dash cam footage of one vehicle over taking another in a passing lane uphill, traveling at approximately 60 km/h.

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As the vehicle with the dash cam slowly passes the semi truck, lights of another truck appear around the curve approaching in the opposite direction.

As the opposing truck lights near the two vehicles, another semi truck suddenly comes from behind and over takes the two, crossing a double yellow line.

The semi truck just barely misses causing a head on collision by seconds that could have had dire consequences for four vehicles.

Sergeant Chad Badry, BC Highway Patrol, said the RCMP worked with the province to identify the truck company of the hazardous driver.

He said the company cooperated with the police, who then identified the driver of the offending tractor-trailer.

The RCMP said it’s in the process of consulting with the BC Prosecution Services for possible charges under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Badry said the RCMP will also be submitting a request to Road Safety BC to review the driver’s license of the driver.

”This was an extremely dangerous and illegal maneuver which put the lives of all four truck drivers at risk,” he said.

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