RCMP photo from the July 2 fatality.

RCMP photo from the July 2 fatality.

RCMP calls to service up 60 per cent in July

July was a busy month for the RCMP with 421 calls to service

The Golden/Field RCMP detachment responded to 421 calls for service in the month of July, a 60 per cent increase from the month prior. In June, the detachment responded to 269 calls.

Of those calls, 83 persons offences, such as assault, utter threats, harassment and cause a disturbance.

There were also 77 property offences. Of those calls, three were break and enters and 14 were thefts. RCMP say that five of the thefts were stolen vehicle files.

In addition, RCMP responded to 280 traffic related calls, including one excessive speed file where a driver was pulled over for going over 40km/h over speed limit. Travelling at this speed can result in a one week vehicle impoundment and a fine between $368-$483, depending on the speed.

Traffic duty stats are just from general duty with the detachment. Golden also has a BC Highway Patrol unit, who deal almost solely with traffic files and have their own reporting stats not included here.

According to RCMP, the BC Highway Patrol unit gets excessive speed files on a near daily basis.

There were also 27 collisions, including one fatality from the Canada Day long weekend on July 2.

According to RCMP, it was a two vehicle collision between an SUV and a semi-truck. Evidence suggests that the driver of the SUV, who was travelling west bound towards Golden, drifted into the opposing lane and into oncoming traffic, where he collided with the truck head-on.

Another two collisions were left with serious injuries and seven more collisions caused severe vehicle damage over $10, 000.

RCMP also conducted seven impaired driving investigations, resulting in including six Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP).

IRPs are given when the operator of a motor vehicle blows a “warn” or a “fail” on a roadside screening device or on refusal to blow.

You can be made to take a responsible driver program, which can cost an additional $930.

Of the IRPs given in July, four were 90-day fails and two resulted in three day warnings, along with one Criminal Code investigation.

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