Question period reinstated for Golden council meetings

A new procedure bylaw, reinstating question period, passed its first three readings.

Question Period Reinstated

At the regular open council meeting held on May 21, Town Council gave the new Town of Golden Council Procedure Bylaw its first, second, and third readings.

The new procedure bylaw contains the reinstatement of question period, which was removed in 2012. In March of 2013, council voted to bring it back.

The reason for disallowing public questions at the end of council meetings was that people often used it as a platform to attack staff, as opposed to its intended purpose, which was to interact with councillors.

The bylaw is slated for adoption at the next council meeting, and question period will be on the agenda for the following meeting.

Outdoor Arena

Town Council decided to leave the request for land for an outdoor arena out of the formal process for the time being.

At the previous council meeting, Mike Palumbo with Golden Minor Hockey presented his plans for an outdoor arena, located where the old Horseshoe Club is. He had asked council to ensure him the land would be available before he moved on in the planning process.

Council made no official decision, but agreed that Councillors Connie Barlow and Ron Oszust would have an informal discussion with Palumbo about what steps he will need to take.

The consensus in council chambers was that more work needed to be put into the proposal.