Pump replacement and partnership request at council

Wildsight is looking for the Town of Golden to partner up for a Healthy Garden Fair and pumps need replacing.

Wildsight looks for a partner

In a presentation to the Town Rachel Darvill of Wildsight Golden requested support from the town so that the group could host a Healthy Garden Fair in the spring of 2012 at the Civic Centre.

“This event is proposed for Saturday May 26, 2012. There is a question mark because it is not 100 per cent confirmed yet but it looks like we are ready to go.”

The group has had a similar event in 2009 and over 250 people attended the event which included 30 information booths.

The Canadian Cancer Society and Sustainable Golden have signed on as partners for the event. The event gives people the chance to learn about the benefits of organic lawns and gardens while also explaining the possible effects of pesticides.

In the 2012 version of the event Darvill felt there were many areas of interests which would be beneficial for local people. “We feel that it is important because the community is again expressing interests and learning a lot more about sustainable communities.”

She felt the event would bring together many people who have great ideas and give them the chance to share their ideas. The event will also have anywhere from four to six workshops for people to attend.

Wildsight Golden requested a letter of support from the Town of Golden for a funding proposal to organize this event and also hoped the Town would become a partner.

The Town agreed to give a letter of support for the event but a decision on whether or not they could become a partner will have to be discussed after staff looks into the project and gets back to council.

Well 5 Pump and Motor Replacement

Based on the January 24, 2012 report from the Manager of Operations, “Well 5 Pump and Motor Replacement”, Council accepted Option 1 and authorized staff to award the supply and installation of a replacement well pump and motor to Mearl’s Machine Works Ltd. for a total cost of $81,500 plus HST.

Originally constructed in 1981, Well 5 is the municipality’s highest capacity facility, with a design pumping capacity of 600 Imperial gallons per minute (Igpm). The facility is located at 814 9th Street South (Kinsmen Park).

The mechanical works in these types of facilities typically undergo major rehabilitation on a maximum 20-25 year cycle.

During the 2012 budget deliberation process, staff will recommend to Council that a full facility rehabilitation be undertaken this year, inclusive of a power service upgrade, the addition of a back-up generator, and miscellaneous mechanical piping and building enhancements. Due to the lead time that could be a long as 12 weeks associated with the delivery of a new pump and motor, staff recommended to be authorized to proceed with ordering of this hardware now to facilitate commissioning of the new equipment by June.

This will be only a portion of the total rehabilitation work which is  planned for the facility, but proceeding with this work now will ensure the facility is ready for pumping before the peak demand season arrives.

Looking ahead, it is anticipated that development of an asset management plan in 2012 will highlight the need for the Town to investigate the condition of the four other original-condition wells in the community over the next several years.

Council accepted the recommendation to award this initial rehabilitation work to Mearl’s .