The Town is now seeking input on the 2022 budget and financial plan. (File photo)

The Town is now seeking input on the 2022 budget and financial plan. (File photo)

Proposed town budget and financial plan now available

The town is looking to undertake several big projects this year

Town Council is targeting a five per cent budget increase for 2022, with Mayor Ron Oszust and Town Council passing the first reading of the proposed budget and five-year financial plan at a Special Open Council meeting on April 12.

The five per cent increase is to keep in line with inflation, according to the town, and keeps in line with the five per cent increase in 2021, after no increase in 2020.

The increase won’t necessarily translate to a five per cent property tax increase.

About half of the money needed each year by municipal governments to provide and maintain services is raised through property taxes.

The Town of Golden’s 2022 proposed annual budget and 2022-2026 proposed financial plan is now available as part of the 2022 Budget Book online at, and in-person at Town Hall.

“The Town of Golden is emerging from the pandemic years with renewed resiliency and no less resolve to move our community forward,” said Mayor Ron Oszust.

“An entirely unexpected level of development activity, grant application successes, planned infrastructure replacements, service pressures, and internal staffing changes now and over the past 2 years continue to propel us forward.”

Projects for the year include the downtown transformation, which will continue with the long-awaited redevelopment of 9th Avenue North between IGA and Ford, which is listed as one of the notable expenditures for 2022.

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The complete transformation for the Post Officer Plaza this fall is another initiative as a part of the downtown revitalization.

There will also be projects supporting recreation with new flooring at the Rec Plex and a renewed base and surface for the basketball courts and new outdoor rink, as well as supporting the skate park expansion project.

The Transportation and Active Transportation plans will be complete this year as well, setting a vision for the future of transportation in our community

“Due to changes and pressures in staffing we are seeing a condensed and expedited budget process this year,” explained Chief Administrative Officer, Jon Wilsgard. “But we still have lots of opportunities for public input. We encourage residents to participate and provide their thoughts. This is a chance for the community to ask questions, give feedback, learn about the different services the Town offers, and understand Council’s direction for 2022 and beyond.”

Residents are invited to provide feedback on the proposed budget and financial plan through an online survey or attending the April 26 Council Meeting either in person or on zoom.

Input can also be received by mail or by emailing title email as “2022 budget.”

The Town will be actively searching for as many grants as possible to alleviate the local tax burden for planned capital projects.

The Town of Golden is committed to sound financial management. Under the Community Charter, every municipality is required to adopt a five year financial plan, by law, before May 15 of each year. This five year financial plan focuses on 2022 (Annual Budget), but also outlines the Town’s proposed financial direction for 2023-2026.