Photo challenge

Art Gallery of Golden invites Photographers to submit images for a Celebration of the Bugaboos exhibit coming January/February 2012.

  • Jul. 12, 2011 11:00 a.m.
A brave soul stands on top of one of the Bugaboo peaks

A brave soul stands on top of one of the Bugaboo peaks

As part of the 100th anniversary celebration of BC Parks, Kicking Horse Culture and the Art Gallery of Golden will launch an exhibit of photographs of the Bugaboos at the Art Gallery of Golden in January and February 2012. Well-known adventure photographer Pat Morrow, who lives within spitting distance of the Bugaboos, will lead the curatorial process. “The Bugaboos are known for their dramatic scenery, and the area is an icon in the climbing world. It is also rich in photographic history,” says Morrow.

Albert MacCarthy, a rancher who lived in Wilmer (a three-day horse ride away) accompanied the renowned mountain guide, Conrad Kain, on the first ascent of Bugaboo Spire in 1916. “Mac’s” Eastman Kodak foldout camera captured the moment, which at time was the hardest alpine climb in Canada until nearby Snowpatch Spire was climbed in the ‘40s. Banff photographer Byron Harmon also produced large format landscapes from that era that have stood the test of time.

Morrow points out that, “This is a chance for photographers to profile their experiences from the Bugaboos. Are they more than just beautiful mountains? We want to see creativity, depth and wherever possible, the human element.”

We imagine a selection of digital images and their stories designed into an interpretive panel display for a gallery exhibit, as well as a documentary calendar for 2012 and a website. There is also touring potential for this exhibit. There is no fee to enter the competition. We invite you to submit a maximum of 5 of your strongest images, and a few words about each that could be expanded into a paragraph when the final photos are selected. Deadline for entries is September 13 and final selections will be made by September 19. We encourage you to submit your photos as soon as possible however this deadline gives you ample time to get fresh images this summer. Photographers can visit the Kicking Horse Culture site at or email Sue Gould for submission details.