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Penticton’s Zippy facing health setback as local hero calls for support

Gord Portman’s dog is suffering some new health issues since ingesting drugs
Local hero Gord Portman’s dog Zippy was working outreach with him when the tiny dog ingested cocaine with meth in it. He was rushed to the vet but is still very sick and will need further help. (Gord Portman)

Penticton’s beloved dog Zippy has had a setback.

Gord Portman’s dog has slowly been recovering after ingesting drugs while working outreach, but something has still been off. On Oct. 26 Portman took him in to the vet for an ultrasound.

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An expert came down from Kelowna to give Zippy the ultrasound, and what it found wasn’t promising.

“They told me the intestinal walls have thickened,” said Portman. “They said if they were to cut him open he’d just spill water everywhere.”

As a result of the thickening, Zippy isn’t properly absorbing the nutrition from his food. He’s being given a new medicine that will hopefully help, but the outcome is still uncertain. Zippy’s pancreatitis is also still stubbornly rejecting the medication for it.

“He’s my baby,” said Portman. “I work hard for my dog, to make sure he’s got a roof over his head. I’d do anything for my dog.”

As a result, Portman has had to take time off work, and the costs are adding back up. The ultrasound on Wednesday alone was $700.

In order to cover the costs for Zippy’s new medication, and any follow-up ultrasounds or surgeries, Portman is asking for help from the community.

Donations will be accepted through e-transfers via Just use Zippy as the answer.

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