Parson prepares for a Spring Fling

It will be a fling to remember in Parson on May 12.

A group of dedicated volunteers have gotten together to keep the Parson Community Hall alive, and now you have the chance to go out and enjoy it.

The Parson Hall society is hosting a family friendly Spring Fling on Saturday May 12 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This comes just a few months after the community was on the verge of losing the hall altogether.

“We’ve managed to get a whole bunch of interest because the community wasn’t sure whether or not to sell the hall. And then we got enough of us come together and say we definitely want to keep it,” said Trina Wolfenden, the newly elected president of the Parson Community Hall Society.

“We decided we’d do a Spring Fling, just to try to create some more community awareness and have some fun.”

There have already been a few smaller events held at the hall, but the Spring Fling will be the big final event of the season. People are so busy in the summer, but things will start up again in the fall.

“So we’re going to have trash and treasures tables, which are basically garage sale tables where people can rent a space for $10 and bring their stuff. If people have stuff they just want to donate, we’ll have a Parson Hall table,” said Wolfenden.

“There will be a Farmers’ Market, and again that will be $10 a space. It’s open to any vendors, we aren’t being specific. It can be Farmers’ Market, it can be somebody who has stuff from a store they want to bring.”

The $10 fee only reserves the space, so vendors would need to bring any and all needed supplies including a table.

There will also be a barbecue with burgers, pop and chips (for both lunch and dinner), a kids craft table where they can make Mother’s Day cards (as Mother’s day is the following day), pony rides, and live entertainment.

“There will also be a Zumba demonstration at 1 and 3 p.m. Anybody is welcome to come join in, she’ll be running it as sort of a mini class,” said Wolfenden.

Admission to the fair is free, but the craft table and pony rides will be by donation. The group is hoping that people up and down the valley, from Golden to Radium will come out to support the community hall.

“When they talked about possibly getting rid of the community hall I was pretty upset. It’s a place for everybody to gather. We’ve got bunch of really amazing people here, and they want to see it stay… The community hall is something you just can’t lose,” said Wolfenden.

Anyone wishing to be a vendor at the Spring Fling can email Wolfenden at