Park Inn Motel ransacked

  • Jan. 11, 2011 7:00 a.m.

As a crime wave sweeps through Golden like an angry swarm of locusts it seems no business is safe. After a horrible couple of weeks for Avalanche Safety Solutions, yet another local business has been victimized by a pair of Break and Enters. This time it was a motel, the Park Inn Motel along the Trans Canada Highway.

In two separate rooms, located around the back of the motel, on two separate occasions, rooms were broken into, used, and then trashed in a violent display of vandalism. The first room was found in disarray on December 28th, the second on January 3rd.

“Whoever did the crimes came in through the windows and then trashed the rooms. They smashed the microwave, all the artwork, ripped the refrigerator door off, and threw beer cans everywhere,” Motel Manager, John Santos said of the state the rooms were found in.

Much like the crimes at Avalanche Safety Solutions, very few clues were left behind. But, one potentially critical piece of evidence was retrieved.

“We currently have no suspects in this case, but we did attain a towel from one of the rooms that had blood on it. We seized the towel, and now have it as a piece of evidence in the case,” Cpl. Betty Watson of the Golden RCMP said about this particular crime.

As Golden now begins to deadbolt their doors at night, these culprits continue to lurk. Anyone with any information regarding this case or any other are urged to contact the Golden RCMP at: 250-344-2221 or Crime Stoppers at: 1-800-222-8477.