Parenting author Jennifer Kolari set to come to Golden in late September

Jennifer Kolari is scheduled to bring her groundbreaking “Connected Parenting” model to three communities in the East Kootenays this fall.

  • Sep. 7, 2011 8:00 a.m.

Joanne McCullough


Respected author of “Connected Parenting” to come to the East Kootenays.

Jennifer Kolari is scheduled to bring her groundbreaking “Connected Parenting” model to three communities in the East Kootenays this fall.  These incredible parent workshops will take place in Golden, Fernie and Cranbrook in late September of 2011. The proven techniques she speaks of will inspire, inform and encourage parents as they do the most important job on earth.

All parents find themselves frustrated at times with the challenging and often difficult to understand behaviour of their young children.

The struggles and battles can leave even the most patient parent frazzled and discouraged.

Jennifer Kolari has written “Connected Parenting” which provides parents with not only insight into the causes of difficult behaviours but also simple and effective techniques for dealing with them.

Respected Child Development Author Barbara Coloroso called Connected Parenting “A must read for parents, educators and any other adults who want to connect in a deeply caring and positive way with the children in their lives.”

The workshops will be presented by Jennifer Kolari herself based on the ‘Connected Parenting’ model and will be followed by a valuable question and answer period.

One of the many goals of The East Kootenay Early Childhood Development Teams in Golden, Fernie and Cranbrook is to provide positive opportunities for children and their families.  They have been inspired by the work of Mrs. Kolari and set out to bring her to the East Kootenays.

The decision to do this began after a parent brought the book to the attention of the Golden Early Childhood Development Coalition.

In her words the book, “has changed my behaviour and this in turn has had an incredibly positive impact on the way my children behave.

The book is like having a really smart friend giving you all kinds of secrets on how to avoid those meltdowns and bedtime battles.”

Mrs. Kolari has been presenting her Connected Parenting model for years in many communities across Ontario and California but this will be her first time in the East Kootenay Region.

Her workshops are highly praised and well received by parents and educators alike.

The Golden “Connected Parenting” workshop will take place on Wednesday September 28 at the Alexander Park Elementary School.

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