Exact numbers are not known for active cases in Golden. (File photo)

Exact numbers are not known for active cases in Golden. (File photo)

No cluster in Golden, according to Interior Health

Despite positive cases in the community, no cluster or outbreak has been declared by Interior Health

Despite positive cases in the community, Golden has avoided becoming a cluster so far, according to Interior Health.

‘Clusters’ or ‘outbreaks’ are not defined by numbers, according to Interior Health and are declared by the Medical Health Officers (MHOs). The officers base their decision on their assessment of ongoing risk and how to best contain the situation.

Interior Health does not provide specific details about individual cases – including locations – unless there are broader exposure risks, according to a statement from the health authority.

If there is a broader risk to other individuals or the community, Interior Health will issue a public notification, such as in the case of the outbreak that was reported at Calvary Chapel in Kelowna.

If our MHOs deem it necessary to issue a public notice, the exposures are listed at https://news.interiorhealth.ca/news/public-exposures/

Currently, there are no active public exposures listed on the website. Locations are removed from the list one month after the last exposure date. Archives can be accessed on their Media Releases page of past public exposures.

Anyone at risk of exposure to any case will be contacted directly by IH public health contact tracers.


Physicians of Golden support mask mandate


Positive COVID cases confirmed in Golden

“Privacy and trust are important for people to be comfortable coming forward to get tested,” read the statement from Interior Health.

“Identifying initial cases is at the heart of our contact tracing process that reduces further exposures in our communities – we can’t do that if people are afraid to come forward. People are reminded to always follow public health advice: stay home when you are sick, keep your gatherings small and to people you know, practise physical distancing and wear a mask when you cannot, and wash your hands often.”

Outbreaks and clusters can have different definitions depending on location of the exposures.

Community/Workplace Clusters/Outbreaks are cases where a number of connected cases in a workplace or community, which is typically referred to as a cluster.

Outbreaks in long-term care are defined as one or more clients or staff in a facilities with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.

A school/daycare cluster is considered two or more confirmed positive cases within a 14 day period, with evidence of isolated transmission. An outbreak in a school or daycare is defined as multiple confirmed cases within a 14-day period, with evidence of ongoing transmission.

In principle, an outbreak is considered over after two full incubation periods (four weeks) after the date of exposure with no new cases.