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New street name honours veterans

Veterans in Golden were honoured when 9th Avenue was named Veterans Way

In honour of those who have served and sacrificed, the Town of Golden Council has given 11th Avenue a new honorary name.

Now, at every block along the street, a new sign with the name Veterans Way has been placed above the 9th Avenue sign.

“I’m really happy with them, I like the design, I think they look really nice,” said Terry Hickey, executive committee chairperson for public relations and bursaries with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 122.

“It was a council decision, and it was actually Coun. Magnusson that brought forth the idea, and it seemed to make sense,” said Mayor Christina Benty.

“The legion was located along here, and it was just a way to acknowledge our local veterans, and of course our veterans all over Canada and overseas.”

As soon as Coun. Mag Magnusson suggested the idea at Council, the process was relatively simple.


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“It didn’t take long once we got going. Two or three months maybe,” said Magnusson.

“It was an easy decision. And it was a great idea on Coun. Magnusson’s part. Everything happened pretty quickly. There wasn’t any lengthy debate about it or anything. Everyone was really on board for it,” said Benty.

Once the decision was made, the legion worked out the logistics, and started working on a design.

“We had a couple of meetings with the town,” said Hickey.

“We looked at what some other communities had done with it, figured out what we wanted to do, what we wanted it to look like, then we worked out a couple of mock-ups.

“I just noticed they went up last night when I was out and about, and I think they look great.”

Renaming a town street Veterans Way is a common occurrence, and has been done in several communities including Surrey, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, and Calgary.