New RCMP building is coming along

Golden RCMP are looking forward to having a new home.

The building is in its eighth month of construction, and members of the Golden RCMP are eagerly awaiting the day when they get to move into their new detachment.

For far too long, the officers and staff at the Golden detachment have been working in cramped spaces and shared offices. But soon that will all be changing.

Greyback Construction Ltd. began construction of the 1161 square metre building in September 2011, and the RCMP are hoping to move in early September, 2012.

“They’ve been in this building since 1974,” said Sgt. Troy Durand with the Golden RCMP. “So since that time things have changed a lot. We used to have two garage bays, and one has been converted into office space to house the Highway Traffic Unit.”

The new detachment, which is being built from scratch, is located on the old school property, Edelweiss Elementary School, on the West side of Golden behind Tim Hortons.

This project has been in the works for five or six years now, and Durand says moving day can’t come soon enough.

“We’ve really outgrown the space here,” he said. “In this office we have four of five different units housed at one detachment. So it’s pretty cramped for space. It’s time to move,” he said.

“And it’s a large piece of property, it’s got a lot of future development potential. So I think it will be good.”

The individual offices will be much larger, the bullpin is about four times larger, there will be a locker room for the officers (in the current building there is just a bathroom), the coffee room is bigger, and the interview rooms  will have public access at the front of the building so people  won’t have to walk through the entire office to get to them.

The new space will also have more parking room for official vehicles, personal vehicles, and civilian vehicles.

“We’ll have more space for just about every part of the detachment,” said Durand.

The new location won’t effect any day to day operations with the detachment, but Durand expects that with the proximity to the highway, they may see more traffic violations.

“I think we’re going to see an increase with highway complaints, with people being able to see the station, as we’re much closer to the strip. I think we’ll get a lot more complaints of erratic drivers and such,” he said.

The move will hopefully begin in late August or early September.

“I’m not sure how long it will take, this is my first move in a detachment,” said Durand.

“We’ll hire someone to move us over, but there’s some stuff we have to move ourselves just for privacy issues and continuity. But hopefully it will go fairly quickly.”

The 24 members of the Golden RCMP detachment are currenty operating out of a building at 902-9th Street South, which is owned by the school board says Durand.


Once they leave the building it will be renovated for some other use.