The banner from the Facebook page that loudly proclaims the two key pillars to Martinsen’s plan - to spread positivity and love while keeping the community informed. (Facebook)

The banner from the Facebook page that loudly proclaims the two key pillars to Martinsen’s plan - to spread positivity and love while keeping the community informed. (Facebook)

New Facebook group seeks to promote Golden’s local businesses

Created just a few days ago, the group has been met positively by local businesses

A new Facebook group has sprung up amidst COVID-19, this time aiming at maintain up to date information on local businesses and services as businesses begin to re-open amid loosening restrictions.

Called “2020 in Golden. B.C”, the group encourages people to drop posts filled with kindness and positivity.

Tori Martinsen, who is behind the group, says it’s a part of her larger plan to spread positivity in town during what has been a tough time for many.

She hopes that the group can help local businesses bounce back faster and help re-coup some lost profits by broadcasting details of their re-opening plans and any changes to their hours.

“I felt bad that we were struggling with negativity,” said Martinsen.

“I wanted a group that spread information and spreads the love and creates a positivity little thing for people.”

She was also partly inspired by the trend of leaving notes on cars. While there have been many complaints of negative notes being left on out-of-province plated vehicles, she says that she saw in Revelstoke that they had been handing out positive notes instead.

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Martinsen hopes that she can turn this group into a positivity campaign similar to what they’re doing in Revelstoke. She is currently working towards being able to leave notes on cars that points both locals and visitors in the direction of the Facebook group, where they can find coupons, discounts and information on local businesses.

“It doesn’t matter if the person is local or non-local, the idea is that whatever brings you to Golden today, on behalf of the citizens and local vendors, we hope this note finds you well and that we want to help you out with that,” said Martinsen.

“The long term goal is the spread the love initiative, we want to put a smile on people’s faces and maybe help lift that negative vibes that people feel is looming over the town.”

With just a handful of posts right now, Martinsen says that the biggest challenge is getting the word out about the group and getting businesses to participate.

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While it’s still in the early stages, she says the reception so far has been positive from those who are using the service.

“Everyone has been very positive and have thanked me for getting this off the ground,” said Martinsen.

“Once the group is populated we can move towards creating that note.”

She hopes that locals and non-locals alike can use this resource to get the most out of their time in Golden, without violating any health and safety rules.

While she understands the concern with welcoming out-of-province people to town, she also wants to emphasize that you don’t know why someone may be in town. While some Alberta-registered vehicles belong to B.C. residents, others could be visiting family or in town for a funeral. Out of province vehicles aren’t just here for non-essential travel.

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