New business is all natural

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Kathy Lind

Kathy Lind

There is always something new to see and try and Golden’s Farmers’ Market.

Take Apple Island Naturals as a good example. Kathy Lind’s new line of all natural beauty products is available to locals at the market, which runs every Wednesday all summer long.

Lind, who moved to Golden in 2005, began her business more as a hobby than anything else.

“It just kind of blossomed from there. I didn’t intend to make a business but it just worked,” Lind said.

After a lot of reading and trial and error, Lind has come up with some amazing creations. All of these creations use natural ingredients purchased only from Canadian suppliers, which have helped Lind’s product become very popular in the area.

“I use local beeswax and honey in a few of my products, but everything else is vegan.” Her products include soaps, body oils and lip balms and are all created by Lind herself, ensuring that there are no chemicals anywhere in the process.

“I have had people with skin conditions like eczema tell me that my products help with it. I truly think it is because there are no chemicals at all. And I make everything as good as I possibly can. There is no cutting corners.”

This hard working attitude and high quality assurance are what have made 12 different stores start to sell her creations. This passion for her business shows in everything she has made. Beautiful colours and smells draw people to her booth at the Farmers’ Market.

“My soap travels more than I do,” Lind joked, “people send it to other countries and tourists like it too. I also make amenity sized soaps for lodges.”

All of Lind’s recipes are her own which allows her to work with customers to create products without allergens.

“I work with my customers to make sure they get something that works for them. In return they are supporting a local business.”

Lind is looking to make her website a buying area for her soaps, although she said that many people email her for orders. If you would like to see what other products Lind sells, visit her website at