Morning Start: Flamingos bend their legs at the ankles

Here’s your Monday morning start for July 19

Good morning and happy Monday.

Expect a mix of sun and cloud throughout the region today, then sun — and smoky skies – throughout the rest of the week. Temperatures are forecasted to hover in the low 30s, dipping down to the high 20s as the week goes on.

Fun fact: Flamingos bend their legs at the ankle

Picture it now: the most common image of the pink bird is while it’s balancing on one leg, with the other bent backwards.

But that part you see bending is actually not the bird’s knee.

It turns out that’s the bird’s ankle and its knee is actually inside its body, where we don’t normally see it. Scientists said part of the reason flamingos can balance on one leg so well is that once one knee is bent, all other joints snap into place and gravity does the rest by holding the bird in place.

What scientists don’t know yet though is why exactly flamingos stand on one leg.

Here’s a look at the weather

In Kelowna:


In Penticton:


In Vernon:


In Salmon Arm:


In Revelstoke:


In case you missed it: Elderly woman wandering Kelowna street identified

An elderly woman was found wandering around Kelowna’s K.L.O Road at around 3 a.m. on Saturday (July 17), Kelowna RCMP said.

She didn’t have identification with her and wasn’t able to give other information to the emergency personnel who found her.

Fortunately, after a public appeal for help, police said they were able to identify her and get her home safely.

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