Gabrielle Clarke is an art therapist in Golden who works in mixed media art. Clarke’s art will be on display downtown at the Go-Lab. (Gabrielle Clarke photo)

Gabrielle Clarke is an art therapist in Golden who works in mixed media art. Clarke’s art will be on display downtown at the Go-Lab. (Gabrielle Clarke photo)

Mixed media arts show comes to Go-Lab

Clarke’s art will be on display until Nov. 6

Go-Lab will display the works of local artist Gabrielle Clarke in their co-working spaces as a part of an ongoing initiative to showcase local art and raise awareness for local artists.

Specializing in mixed media art, Clarke is an art therapist who operates out of Golden and works with the abuse-recovery program in the community counselling centre.

“I am often faced with the heavy, the hard and the complex at work,” said Clarke in her artist’s statement.

“My art practices are an attempt to shift this energy and storyline for myself. This exhibition shows some of the softer, more gentle works that have come out of my home studio practice as a response to and an antidote for the difficult parts of the world.”

Clarke has been working wit mixed media art since she was young, mixing fabrics, sewing, collages with more traditional art forms such as illustration and painting.

Mixed media allows Clarke to combine complex layers and colours, help her delve into the tough subject matter that she works through in her art therapist work and is emblematic of the complexities of life.

While her studio practice and art therapy practice are separate, her work does go hand in hand, with her art work springing from her practice.

“It helps take care of me as I do the work that I do, so I can continue to help women and children who have been affected by decent trauma,” said Clarke.

“Mixed media allows you to use anything in your house that have purpose and meaning and use anything you have on hand to create art.”

Clarke says she really started to come into her own as an artist about six years ago, when a knee surgery kept her sidelined from her usual winter sports, giving her more time to focus on her painting and art work.

“The art I have on display now is springing out of that revival,” said Clarke.

“It’s mainly inspired by where we live and is nature based and that animals that we have in the valley and my love for where we live.”

Clarke, who has had her work shown at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre in the past, is excited to bring her work to the community of Golden.

She hopes people can enjoy art and find an appreciation for its inspiration from the area we live in.

“It’s nice to support the go lab and have my art shown locally, it feels great to be able to offer our community some ways to get out and engage in public spaces safely right now,” said Clarke.

“It’s a new space in town and a neat old building being used in a new and innovative way and adding the art element is one more way that the space is supporting the community and adding diversity and bringing in different voices in that space.”

Clarke’s art is on display and available to be seen Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Go-Lab downtown.

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