Mike Pecora seeking re-election

Mike Pecora seeking re-election as a councillor in Golden.

Mike Pecora is gearing up for the November Municipal Elections.

Mike Pecora is gearing up for the November Municipal Elections.

Small changes is the key to success and progress in Golden, according to Coun. Mike Pecora, seeking re-election on Nov. 19.

“I was born in Golden, so I’ve been here my entire life. And my grandfather was here since the mid-20s, so our family has been involved in the community for an awful long time,” said Pecora, who was elected for his first term on Council almost three years ago.

After contributing to the community in a volunteer role for so long, Pecora decided to follow the advice of his good friend Aman Virk, former Mayor of Golden, and step  up to a more decision making role.

“The last three years have been fantastic,” he said. During his first term, Pecora decided to take a hard stance on a handful of small changes he wanted to see in his community, and is happy to say that he has accomplished much of what he had hoped to three years ago.

“All of the things that I said I would like to see accomplished, actually got done in the past three years,” said Pecora, adding that he set goals for small changes and pushed for them.

“I really backed the pesticides, that was something I said in my campaign speech that I wanted to see done. The recycling and park lands, trail development inside the town… things like that are what I’m passionate about. I was also the big push behind the green gym.”

Pecora sits on the Committee for the re-development of the Civic Centre, a project that he is thrilled to finally see nearing completion.

“That’s been a very rewarding last year and a half. And working with such an amazing diverse group of people who are so passionate about it makes it that much more special.”

There are many more projects Pecora would like to see move forward in the next few years, but he cautions people that the funds required to do all these things are just not there.

“Everything people want, and everything we need to get done in this town costs money,” he said. The town has been very successful in the past at acquiring grants from other levels of government to get certain projects off the ground, most notably the Civic Centre, but Pecora believes that volunteerism must play a major role as well.

“We have an amazing group of volunteers in Golden, but we need more,” he said.

In the future Pecora would like to see the town invest money and time into tourism projects. Golden is no longer an industrial town he said, and chasing smaller victories that will attract more tourists, such as a kayak park, will be hugely beneficial for the entire community.

“I have a lot of neat ideas for projects in the future. They won’t neccessarily take a lot of money, but they’re going to take a lot of time and man-hours, and I’d really like to see that happen.”