Comedian Mike Delamont is performing at the Golden Civic Center. Limited tickets are available.	(Photo submitted)

Comedian Mike Delamont is performing at the Golden Civic Center. Limited tickets are available. (Photo submitted)

Mike Delamont comes to Golden Civic Centre

Delamont brings his socially distanced comedy tour to Kicking Horse Culture.

Kicking Horse Culture’s next iteration of Live Kicks comes on Nov. 26, when Mike Delamount comes to Golden with his one-man stand-up comedy.

Hailed as “talented beyond belief” by the Montreal Gazette, Delamont is an award-winning comic who has wowed sold-out crowds all across the country.

Best known for his “God is a Scottish Drag Queen” show that Delamont brought to Golden in 2016, Delamont is one of the funniest performers in Canada, according to Kicking Horse Culture, which he’ll attempt to prove in two one hours shows at the Civic Centre when his socially-distanced comedy tour comes to town.

“I had a lady the other night laugh so hard I thought she was going to fall over, she was so game and it was such a fun moment,” said Delamont.

“People have been enjoying the break from reality when they come to see me, people seem keen on having a laugh and having a relaxing evening out, people really want to be there.”

Delamont is eager to return to Golden and bring his comedy back for a second round.

Born in Cranbrook, B.C., he’s familiar with the area and has enjoyed his visits to Golden in the past, with energetic crowds greeting him.

“It’s such a lovely area and space and the theatre treats the people so well and the people are a good time as well,” said Delamont.

“I’m excited to come back to that energy and looking forward to being in the same room as the people of Golden.’

Delamont says that his style of comedy favours long stories and good payoffs, rather than one-liners. He describes himself as a clean comic that’s fun for the whole family. While he touches on some pandemic material, he says he recognizes that people are trying to escape that reality when they come to see him, so he steers away from it when he can.

“I like to tell stories about my life and marriage and all the ups and downs,” said Delamont.

“I think it’s pretty accessible for everyone, it’s been fun to see how different people in different towns and different audiences react to jokes.”

With an impressive resume, spending time writing for Just For Laughs and working the comedy scene in Toronto, the Civic Centres’ pod-style seating is a return to his roots performing in small comedy clubs a decade ago when he first got on the stand-up scene.

Tickets can be purchased on the phone at 250-344-6186 or at the Art Gallery of Golden in person and are #20 for non-members, $15 for members.

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