Macdonald continues to work in the fall

Unsure about what's going to happen with the Legislative Assembly’s fall session, MLA Norm Macdonald says there's plenty of work to be done.

Still unsure about what is going to happen with the Legislative Assembly’s fall session, MLA Norm Macdonald says there is still plenty of work to be done.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen in the fall. We’re supposed to start Oct. 1 and go for two months, but it’s unclear what’s going to happen right now,” said Macdonald. “There’s a lot to do in the fall. It’s still the opposition’s job to hold the government accountable, and that will be done.”

Golden may have many issues that the provincial government needs to sort out, but Macdonald is still very optimistic about the future of the communities in his riding.

“There’s always issues around seniors care and health care, and issues like DriveAble… and there’s a tremendous amount of concern that people have over the land base, and making sure that we’re properly looking after our rivers… I think in terms of what people are talking about, there’s affordability, and we need to make sure that we get employment. All of the communities in this area need to provide good family supporting jobs,” said Macdonald. “There’s every reason, I think, to be optimistic.”

Golden, like most communities around the world, has been dealing with an economic downturn− and Golden tends to feel the downturn slower than other communities says Macdonald. This unfortunately means that the town if often at the tail end of the pick up.

But, an expected upturn in the forestry industry and some much anticipated announcements regarding Trans Canada Highway projects could mean a brighter future for Golden.

There is one important issue, however, that the province is dragging their feet on according to Macdonald. A proper solution has yet to be found for road rescue in Golden.

“The good news is that our firefighters have gone and taken care of things. Volunteers from the community have gone and made sure that it’s working,” he said.

“I would say that’s not a fair solution. As it often happens, it has been pushed onto people who are good enough to step forward and make it work. But it’s not a good permanent solution.”

Macdonald has still been in contact with Minister Shirley Bond, as recently as last week, and is determined to keep the pressure on. Unfortunately Bond’s responsibilities are many and Macdonald worries that Golden road rescue has been de-prioritized for other issues like the struggling court system.

“They (the province) need to be providing resources to look after what is really one of the most dangerous sections of the Trans Canada,” said Macdonald.

“Thankfully we’ve had volunteers who have done a tremendous job so far. And it looks like they intend to continue to do that as long as there’s that need. But we shouldn’t pretend that’s the fair thing.”