Looking at the past for a future celebration

Time to break out you old pictures for a celebration in Golden

As the 10th anniversary of the pedestrian bridge draws closer

As the 10th anniversary of the pedestrian bridge draws closer

The Pedestrian Bridge is turning 10 and wants Golden to help it celebrate. Along with teaming up with the Chamber of Commerce and their community excellence awards, there will be a photo contest.

Any photos of the bridge taken between 2001 and now can be submitted to khbridgephotocontest@gmail.com until October 1, 2011. The pictures will be on display at the Chamber of Commerce Community Excellence Awards which will be taking place on October 22.

The photo contest hopes to shed some light on all the changes the bridge has experienced.

“You see pictures all over town of the bridge but we haven’t really had a comprehensive historical look at it. So we hope to get pictures all through the years so we can see how things have changed around it. When we first built the bridge, the Spirit Square wasn’t there of course and so a lot of things have changed in 10 years. We hope to get a peek of it through the years.”

During the celebratory weekend, October 22, along with an all day ceremony, these pictures will allow locals to remember the changes Golden has undergone. During the day, a few other key events will be happening.

“We will have the Mayor do a talk and have everyone do some speeches, maybe crack a bottle of champagne on the bridge again. We are also having a show at the Rec Plex all afternoon where we will have memorabilia on display from the building of the bridge. Somebody had an actual downscale replica of the bridge so we are trying to get a hold of that.”

In the10 years that the bridge has been a part of Golden, it has become a centrepiece to the town, although this was not the case while it was being built.

“When we were building the bridge, it divided the town. People wondered where the money was coming from. We really had no idea how it would go. We were flying at the seat of our pants trying to build it. But we knew where the location was would be popular and now today you can see how many people actually do use it and see how many tourists come to see the bridge.”

The pedestrian bridge has grown in the past 10 years and all of Golden has aided in the process. The committee putting the celebration together would like all of Golden to come out and enjoy the day and celebrate through the night.