The annual Snow King’s MasqueParade takes place on Saturday, February 15, 2020.                                Keri Sculland/Star Photo

The annual Snow King’s MasqueParade takes place on Saturday, February 15, 2020. Keri Sculland/Star Photo

Live Kicks announces a true mix of music, art, theatre, and dance

It’s shaping up to be a lively season of music for this year’s annual Live Kicks lineup.

Kicking Horse Culture has unveiled its 2019-20 Live Kicks concert series, hosted at the Civic Centre throughout the cold months, beginning October 3, and running until April 16.

“I’m really excited about this season because there’s a lot of diversity,” said Kicking Horse Culture executive director Bill Usher.

The acts are new and old to Golden, and span a large variety of genres and performances. Everything from live music, to comedy, dance, and everything in between will be showcased for Golden to enjoy.

And don’t forget about the annual Snow King’s Masque Parade, a show of local talents that invite the community out to participate and get wild in an outdoor event at Spirit Square. The annual event takes place this year on Saturday, February 15.

Michael Kaeshammer kicks off the season on October 3, bringing a blend of modern jazz, contemporary pop, and New Orleans funk.

Next up is Pharis and Jason Romero, dubbed “the first couple of Canadian folk” on October 25. Terra Lightfoot is a blues and rock guitar goddess hailing from Hamilton, Ont., who will light up the stage with tasty hard rock on November 8.

Switching up the vibe on November 24, Ballet Kelowna will entrance the audience from the stage. Ballet Kelowna will also host a community workshop on Saturday, November 23, and will also perform an early show for school students.

Continuing the detour from live music, the Banff Film Festival returns on Friday, December 6, at the Mount 7 Rec Plex. The film festival is one of the most popular event Kicking Horse Culture hosts, and is one of the largest and most prestigious film festivals in the world that runs for nine days and is juried from several hundred films.

Ringing in the new year, Exultation plays at the Civic Centre on January 20, collaborating classic piano and spoken word.

The Masque Parade will satiate Golden’s need to get out and celebrate in style, hosted in Spirit Square on February 15.

Then, it’s back to the music with Coco Love Alcorn, who will capture the audience with her voice on February 22.

If the winter blues are setting in, then it is time to get out to see In the Dark on March 6. This comedy show combines the styles of Mr. Bean and Jean-Paul Sartre in a hard-to-describe theatre performance.

On March 21, just after the Irish festivities of St. Patrick’s Day, Irish Mythen will take the stage to belt out her larger-than-life solo act.

Wrapping it all up on April 16 is Cecile Doo-Kingue, a guitar virtuoso and gifted songwriter that will wash all of the winter blues away.

To find out more about the Live Kicks lineup, or to check out the artists and listen to their music, visit