Little Mittens receives grant from BC SPCA

Little Mittens Animal Rescue recently received some good news in the form of a grant from BC SPCA.

Little Mittens Animal Rescue recently received some good news in the form of a grant from BC SPCA. The grant was made possible from a private donation of $80,000 to the SPCA, of which Little Mittens will receive $4,200.

The grant money will be used specifically for spaying and neutering feral cat colonies in Golden and the surrounding area. According to Little Mittens’ Jamie Crawford, there are several colonies in the area that need attention in order to limit population growth, including a colony of 20 cats in Nicholson. In total, 42 cats will be trapped, spayed and neutered, and returned.

Spaying and neutering a cat costs approximately $102 and in order to do so, Little Mittens sets up a series of traps where the colony tends to congregate.

The cats are lured in by food before the trap door falls behind them. After being spayed or neutered, the cats are returned to the wild after a few days of recovery time.

In the wild, Little Mittens continues to give them water and food, which ensures that they don’t wander off on their own and remain segregated and contained within the colony. Feral cats usually live for only five years in the wild due to a variety of factors including untreated illnesses and encounters with larger wildlife.

In a separate application, Little Mittens has applied for a $130,000 grant through Columbia Basin Trust for a new building that will increase the facility’s space and allow for a quarantine and isolation area to reduce disease transmission.

The total cost of the facility is estimated to be $160,000. Little Mittens has already obtained $30,000 of that figure through donations.

Later this month Little Mittens will be holding an adopt-a-thon where prices to adopt cats will be cut in half, from $100 down to $50.

“We’ve still got quite a few cats that need homes right now, probably between 30 and 40,” said Crawford.

“Kitten season is starting any time now, once the snow starts to melt we’re going to start seeing more kittens coming in so we want to try and get as many of the ones we have now out. They come spayed and neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed so that is a wicked deal…normally it would cost $300 to do it all on your own.”

The adopt-a-thon will run on Mar. 29.