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Little Mittens had a busy July to start off summer

Environmental factors have seen wildlife come into Little Mittens care

Little Mittens had a busy July, tending to 72 cats in their care with plenty of kittens being born to start off the summer.

Thirteen cats were taken out of the shelter, with four adopted in July, three in foster care and six sent to the Invermere Companion Animal Network (ICAN), which is a non-profit no-kill no-cage animal rescue and adoption facility that Little Mittens often works with.

ICAN accepts homeless cats and kittens, guardian surrendered dogs and small animals. We attend to their veterinary needs, including spay and neuter, and any special care required before placing them in loving forever homes.

At the end of the month, the rescue shelter had almost 40 cats or kittens either fixed or waiting to be fixed.

The rescue centre has also seene its fair share of wildlife in July as well, as the wildfires and smoke, as well as some of the flooding seen in the early summer, have bumped up the numbers of animals needing help.

In July, the organization saw 85 intakes across 29 different species, up 54 per cent compared to July 2020.

They’ve seen plenty of birds, ranging from crows, to sallows, mallards and robins as well as some squirrels.

There have also been plenty of dehydrated bats.

The rescue centre has also seen a porcupine, elk and deer, and a bald eagle from Revelstoke which was released to the Invermere vet.

To help Little Mittens, you can either volunteer to help transport animals, or sponsor an animal in their care, which would allow you to name the animal.

Little Mittens runs a recycling program to help with funds for their work, with Golden locals who want to help encouraged to donate their bottles and reusables to the shelter at the bottle depot.

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