Lady Grey Elementary School is doing its part to prevent bullying

Lady Grey Elementary is bringing in the Red Cross program "Beyond the Hurt," and anti-bullying seminar.

Lady Grey Elementary School has decided to take a proactive approach with the issue of bullying, and is offering a “Beyond the Hurt” program, designed by the Red Cross, for both students and parents.

“As bullying in young people is a complicated issue that does not just happen at school, a comprehensive community intervention is absolutely necessary,” said Laurie MacDougall, vice principal at Lady Grey Elementary School.

There will be two parts to the workshop, one for the students, called peer training sessions, where trained high school students will come to offer workshops to younger students. And the second will be for community members including parents, teachers, social workers, RCMP members and any other interested people.

The youth facilitated program, taking place April 11 and 12, will teach young students the benefits of respectful relationships, the power and the role it plays in bullying dynamics, the types of bullying and the negative effects of bullying.

The adult workshop will focus on much of the same issues, while teaching them strategies for preventing bullying and harassment from occurring at all levels, and how to work with young people to create safer environments.

ThisĀ  session starts at 6:30 p.m. on April 11, and promises to be an informing evening.

A Red Cross representative for the Kootenay area, from Castlegar, will be making the trip up to facilitate these programs, and is able to do so because of the generosity of the Lady Grey Parent Advisory Council.