Kootenay-Columbia voters had a lot to say on the election. (Claire Palmer photo)

Kootenay-Columbia voters had a lot to say on the election. (Claire Palmer photo)

Kootenay-Columbia voters react to federal election

Here’s what voters across the riding had to say on yesterday’s election

When Kootenay-Columbia headed to the polls on Monday, many were not pleased that Canadians were once again facing an election, the third of Justin Trudeau’s mandate and second in under two years.

Here’s what voters had to say on the matter:

“I’m not a huge fan of this election and the timing, but the reality is we have an election, so it’s an opportunity to vote for those that we want, and to get the issues that are important like the climate crises back on the political agenda.”

Calvin Beachesne, Golden

“I’m glad to exercise our right to vote not every country gets to do that, so pretty toked on that, not great that it’s in the middle pf a pandemic but it is what it is.”

Paul Kelly, Nelson

“I think it’s annoying that we have to do this, I don’t think we need an election at this point but we’re faced with what we got, so we have to do the best that we can do.”

Josh McLafferty, Revelstoke

“I think we need a whole overhaul of the whole system, I think it’s just gonna continue, I’m not sure there’s gonna be a real change in anything because they all keep making the same promises and keep not following through.”

Maureen Hogan, Golden

“I came out out vote because it’s important that Canadians start voting and start voting at a more local level, whoever is the best person for your own area, that’s who we need to vote for. Stop thinking Canada is a two political party country, we have a lot of parties, it’s not Liberals vs Conservatives, we need to vote for whose gonna do your own area best.”

Lori Gray, Kimberley

Many cited the current climate crises and climate change as their main issue during this election.

“We’ve seen in the Kootenays the wildfires and the impacts that has had on our communities. The way we’re going to be able to mitigate those effects is to reduce emissions and to decrease our use of fossil fuels and their products. In this country our emissions has increased every years since 2015 and production of oil has gone up, so we need to cap the level of oil production as fast as possible wean off from there.”

Calvin Beachesne

“My number priority is probably the environment, but here’s a lot, the old growth, homelessness, there’s a lot.”

Maureen Hogan

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