Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club is gearing up for summer programming. (KHGC photo)

Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club is gearing up for summer programming. (KHGC photo)

Kicking Horse Gymnastics looking forward to busy summer

Club returns after two year hiatus due to pandemic

Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club is kicking off their summer programming with a trio of competitions in the upcoming months, as well as launching its summer camps.

The club just returned from their first competition in over two years due to the pandemic and is looking to keep that momentum going throughout the summer.

“It’s very exciting, our numbers are steady with about 80 kids, the kids are a bit nervous to be competing but it’s overall exciting,” said Andrea Sherriff, president of the club.

Registration for summer camps is opening up shortly, with Sherriff saying that it gives kids a chance to get a taste of gymnastics for a week at a time while keeping them busy during the summer months. Gymnastics is a foundation sport and translates well for other sports, making it a good offseason choice for skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers and any other sport you may enjoy in Golden, helping to build strength and balance.

New this year, the club began offering drop-in programming for adults looking to improve on those components as well. While the program is coming to a close, it’ll be back in September for the winter season, after being well received in its first run this past winter.

Running the show as a coach is Haley Boustead, who stepped into the role during the pandemic and earned herself Gym BC Leader of the Year in 2021.

“We’re so lucky to have her and to see how she’s stepped up,” said Sherriff.

The club will be hosting an open house on June 11 from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., with athletes performing, a silent auction table, and a barbecue from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. as a fundraiser.

There are also two more competitions coming up, the Rocky Mountain Tumble (Fernie, May 14 to 15) with the club sending a total of 14 athletes and the Ogopogo Invitational (Kelowna, June 3 to 5), with a total of 15 athletes.

Here are the results from this past weekend:

Xcel bronze:

Lorelei Sovio – Highest Score (HS) of 9.45 on vault, 10th All round

Shyanne Suhan – HS 9.275 on uneven bars, 5th All Round

Olive Lum – HS 9.2 on beam, 11th All Round

Taylor Balas – HS 9.4 on vault, 12th All Round

Arabella Booker – HS 9.475 on vault, 12th All Round

Xcel Silver:

Isabella Fischer – HS 9.233 on beam, 7th all round

Stella Kells – HS 9.033 on beam, 9th all round

Micah Vanderhart – HS 9.133 on beam, 12th All round

Ivy Roy – HS 9.3 on vault, 13th all round

Scarlett Andrews – HS 9.0 on vault, 15th all round

Nya Soper – HS 9.225 on vault, 11th all round

Amelia Labonville – HS 9.225 on vault, 17th all round

Xcel Gold:

Kayla Sherriff – HS 9.3 on uneven bars, 1st all round

Tegan Morrison – HS 9.425 on vault, 6th all round

Anna Mackenbach – HS 9.425 on floor, 2nd all round

Emily Kossizin – HS 8.725 on floor, 4th all round

Eva Gallagher – HS 9.05 on vault, 6th all round

Olive Mackenzie – HS 8.45 on floor, 12th all round