Keith Hern to run for council

Local business person Keith Hern had made the decision to try and be a part of a Golden council.

Keith Hern is all smiles as he get ready to run for council in Golden.

Keith Hern is all smiles as he get ready to run for council in Golden.

As preparations continue for the municipal elections, packages for prospective councillors and mayors have started to be processed.

One of the first residents to hand in an election nomination package was local businessmen Keith Hern.

“I handed in the package at nine this morning. I have been in Golden now for ten years and have tried to be active in the community in as a volunteer fashion,” Hern said.

Hern said it is his hope to work with others to see that the Town of Golden reaches its full potential.

When he moved to the Golden region Hern became involved with local real estate developments. “Now, I want to give back to the community. I have a business and financial background which in my opinion is unique to Golden. I think it is an advantage,” Hern said.

He felt that one areafeels the town needs to see an increase is in its population.

“I think we have to reverse the decline in population. The A community of this size is on the bubble of being self sustaining. If your populations starts to decline, which it is, you can start to have some problems. I think as a result of this our property taxes are higher than they should be. It is a matter of trying to encourage people to move to Golden.”

He went on to say the town has to work at bringing both younger families and retirees to the area.

“We need a strong school system and one way to help have that is to have young families in town. I also think the town could be far more retirement friendly,” he said.

Another area Hern feels is important is the environment. “Obviously the air quality in Golden has always been an issue. I believe the air quality now is somewhat better than we had ten years ago. But it is a long, slow process. We live in a beautiful natural setting. The setting is one of the reasons we moved here,” Hern said.

He explained he has spoke to many people who have concerns going forward and believes this is an important thing for all people involved with the council to do.

“It is critical. You have to represent the people. So talking to people is essential. I have had a  lot of people come to me and talk about various issues,” Hern said.

Going into the election period Hern explained he wants to, “Put more emphasis on the economy. I feel we have to have a strong economic base to support any social programs. My focus will be on the economy and sound fiscal management…I am a team kind of guyplayer. We always have to run our organizations on a team basis.”