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ICBC lists most dangerous intersections in Golden

The data shows the top intersections for collisions in the area over the last five years
Vehicle incident scene in Golden from earlier this year. (Claire Palmer photo)

How safe are the roads in Golden?

ICBC data has revealed the top intersections in Golden for vehicle crashes for 2017-2021.

The top 10 intersections are as follows:

1. Hwy 1 Frontage Road & Trans-Canada Highway (16 crashes)

2. 10th Ave. S & 9th Ave. S (15 crashes)

3. Hwy 95 & Trans-Canada offframp (10 crashes)

4. 10th Ave. N & 9th Ave. N (nine crashes)

5. 10th Ave. N & 13th St. N (six crashes)

6. 10th Ave. N & 6th St. N (six crashes)

7. 10th Ave. & Unsigned, between 6th St N and 5th St N (six crashes)

8. Champagne Rd. & Hwy 95 (six crashes)

9. Hwy 1 at the ramp and scales access (six crashes)

10. 10th Ave. S & 12th St. S (five crashes)

For many, it won’t be a surprise to see eight of the top 10 areas involved either Highway 95 or 10th Avenue north or south, as the ongoing detours as a result of the Trans-Canada Highway closures has resulted in an increase in traffic along that corridor.

In fact, for 2021 10th Ave N and 6th St N had the most collisions, with five of its six crashes since 2017 coming in the last year alone.

The top five for 2021 is as follows:

1. 10th Ave. N & 6th St. N (five crashes)

2. Hwy 95 and Trans-Canada offramp (four crashes)

3. 10th Ave. N & 9th Ave. N (three crashes)

4. Hwy 7 reflection Lake Rd. (three crashes)

5. 10th Ave. N & 9th Ave. N (two crashes)

Crashes include both crashes that result in casualty (injury or fatality), as well as property damage only (PDO) crashes. The top intersection in the last five years for casualty crashes is the Highway 95 off-ramp, with seven casualty crashes, three of which occurred in 2021. It is also the top intersection in that category for 2021.

The top intersection in the last five years for property damage only (PDO) crashes is Highway 1 Frontage Road and the Trans-Canada Highway, with 13 PDO crashes, two in the last year.

The top intersection for PDO crashes in 2021 is 10th Ave. N and 6th St. N, with five.

The data excludes crashes in parking lots and involving parked vehicles, which would otherwise provide a complete representation of crashe statistics.

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