GSS awarded $20,000 grant, solar equipment

Golden Secondary School

  • Jun. 14, 2011 7:00 a.m.

GSS students are looking for new ways to make their school eco-friendly. Martin Degas, a 2011 graduate, along with GSS, won the school a $20,000 grant in order to install a 2.5 Kilo Watt photovoltaic panel arrangement.

Photovoltaics are panels that use the light energy generated by the sun and turns it to usable electricity.

“My step-dad, Tim Suddaby, installs renewable energy systems such as geothermal and photovoltaic panels, as well as various other systems. He found a grant providing 11 BC schools some solar systems in order to encourage its use and educate some high school folks about its brutal importance. He told me about it and proposed I try obtaining it. And so I did. It was a Solar BC grant for BC schools for $20,000 in solar system installation,” says Martin Degas, project co-ordinator.

After Degas proposed the idea to Iris Trask, principal, she authorized the project quickly. In late May, Trask informed Degas that they had been successful and would be awarded with $20,000.00 to install the system.

Solar BC received 51 applications from across the province and chose 11 schools which had to meet proper criteria.

“The 10 other high schools are high-end establishments for the most part which have without a doubt a way bigger budget than us, so this project raises the small community of Golden as big green reformers!”

The system will be set up over the high schools library entrance and will be installed this summer.

“Although the amount of energy won’t be astonishing, money will be saved and future-friendly methods are starting to finally emerge out of GSS.”

“I am extremely proud of having made such an impact on this wonderful building and this renovation is hopefully the start of Golden’s sustainable transformation. Sadly, I am graduating this year so I won’t see these babies at work. The biggest part about this grant is hope. With a little bit of motivation, a grade 12 student obtained renewable ways for his town to function.”