Golden’s curling club gears up for annual Combo-Spiel

The tournament will be held from Feb. 7-9

The Golden Curling Club will be hosting their annual combo-spiel this February. (File photo)

The Golden Curling Club will be hosting their annual combo-spiel this February. (File photo)

The Golden Curling Club will be hosting it’s annual Combo-Spiel on Feb. 7-9, and registration is currently open to teams.

The Combo-Spiel is actually multiple bonspiels ongoing at the same time with a men’s and women’s division competing separately over the course of the weekend. There will also be multiple tiered divisions within those divisions, with an A, B, C and even D division, at least on the men’s side. These divisions will be skill-based depending on the results of the teams throughout the spiel.

“We’ve been doing it this way for years and year, it’s always a lot of fun,” said Dan Rose, a representative of the Curling Club who is helping organize this year’s Combo-Spiel. “A few more teams would be great, and we’re hoping for upwards of 12-16 men’s teams this year and hopefully up to 10 women’s teams.”

Team registration is $280 for a men’s team and $200 for a women’s team. Rose said that they’re trying to encourage more women’s teams to sign up.

The team fee covers the entire weekend of curling, which also will have a $30 dinner banquet, which is part of the fee. With that factored in, the curing is only about $20 for the entire weekend per team member according to Rose.

The dinner banquet includes a meal, as well as live music by a local guitarist and a DJ for a dance that is planned to go well into the night.

“It’s a big dinner, and we have a few games we play after and great music,” said Rose. “Afterwards, it’s going to be a party, we go until 2 a.m.”

The winning teams at the spiel will have a chance to win back their team fee and then some, with the winning men’s team earning $600 and the winning women’s team getting $400 in prize money. The winnings are funded by the collective team fees from all those participating.

There will also be prizes for those in the A, B, C and D divisions.

“Each one gets money, so all you really have to do is win one game,” said Rose.

There’s even an upstairs lounge for potential spectators to come and enjoy the spiel.

“It’s just a fantastic facility, I feel like it’s really under-utilized,” said Rose. “It’s a great atmosphere and a great place to get involved in and just hang out.”

In terms of skill level, the Combo-Spiel is one of the more competitive events that the Curling Club hosts, but it’s still pretty low-key. Rose encourages everyone to come out and at least give curling a try at one of their drop-in nights, which run every Friday from 7-9 p.m., with the exception of the Friday of the Combo-Spiel.

Drop-in Curling is $5 per person, and gives you access to the entire facility. It’s more laid back for beginners in comparison to the more competitive nature of a bonspiel for those who are trying out the sport for the first time.

Those with little to no curling experience are still welcome to come out to the Combo-Spiel because at the end of the day it’s all about having a good time, said Rose.

“I think that people haven’t tried curling and people are scared thinking it’s super competitive, but until you go and play you don’t know where your skill is at,” said Rose. “Anyone can show up and learn to play and be good at curling. It’s not a hard sport, you just throw rocks into each other.”

For those who would like to join the spiel but don’t have a team, Rose said she will find a spot on a team that needs a spare so everyone can play.

People who are looking to enroll in the spiel can contact Rose by emailing him at