GoldenKey Investments postpones bottling facility public meeting

GoldenKey Investments postpones bottling facility public meeting

GoldenKey Investments Group, the name behind a proposed water bottling facility in Golden, has postponed their public meeting until 2020.

The original meeting, set to be held near the end of October, has been pushed back to an unidentified date in the new year.

GoldenKey Investments Group marketing manager Nik Yao says the company is still in the early days of project planning.

“We are postponing the community meeting to 2020 when we plan to have more technical information available and can address the questions and concerns of the community,” Yao stated.

This summer, GoldenKey Investments Group purchased a 20-acre parcel of land on Fisher Rd. in Golden, and began steps toward opening a water bottling facility. The company has applied for a groundwater licence from the province.

“Yes, we have submitted the application for the water license as it takes time for these applications to be processed,” Yao said.

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The test well was drilled at the location on Fisher Road on July 31, authorized by the province. The location was determined by the company’s hydrogeological engineer, and approved by the Interior Health Authority. A detailed report was expected to be completed by the end of September.

The developer, GoldenKey Investments Group, was encouraged to inform the community about their proposal by the Town of Golden.

Since then, locals in Golden have formed a group, Water Guardians of Golden, to stand up for groundwater concerns in the community. In September, approximately 120 locals gathered at Town Hall to speak out against the proposed project. WildSight Golden has made statements against GoldenKey Investment Group’s project.

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Ecologist Annette Luttermann built a presentation for Town of Golden council and the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) Local Advisory Committee, sparking conversation around water protection and what can be done in Golden.

“There are so many issues around here relating to water and wildlife habitat,” she said.

The Town of Golden and the CSRD have discussed creating a water policy that would send a message to the provincial government discouraging groundwater extraction for commercial purposes.

The groundwater licence would be administered on a provincial level. Town of Golden municipal government would follow administration policy on rezoning the land if the project moves forward.

“We remain interested in how this proposed initiative unfolds,” said Town CAO Jon Wilsgard. “Our position otherwise remains unchanged.”

GoldenKey Investments Group has created the website,, where they continue to post information as it becomes available.

“Should anyone have any questions, they can contact us directly,” Yao said, adding that contact information is available on the website. “This will ensure we are able to listen to the feedback and address concerns.”