Golden woman injured in dog attack

A local woman is recovering after being attack by a dog at the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre .

A dog attack at the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre has put one local resident in hospital in Calgary.

The attack happened to Isabelle Simard who works for the wolf conservation company as their bookkeeper.

Shelley Black, co-owner of the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre explained that Simard was coming to the centre after hours.

“The dogs are in the back normally during the day and at night they come up front for their human time and get their attention,” Black said.

After a short time at the facility Simard went to leave and according to Black for an unknown reason a Karelian Bear Dog named Utah “went at her and then the other one followed.”

She went on to say that Simard had been bitten quite badly to both her head and leg. “It was an unexpected event. It was a tragedy. It is awful that it has happened and the dog (Utah) has been put down. We are sick about it,” Black said. According to Black the second animal joining in was just a natural instinct and the animal has been deemed not a threat to the public.

Black said that both dogs were born on the property 11 years ago and there was never an issue with the animals before this incident.

“This is not typical behaviour,” Black said. “We have no idea why this would have happened.”

Black and Simard have been friends for a number of years.

“She is our friend. She has been my friend forever. This is just awful,” Black said. “The situation has been dealt with and it was an accident. We are very sorry for it…People only look at the bad and don’t look at all the good we do up here. We are getting deemed for the bad things that happened on our property when we do nothing but good things up here.”

Black added this event has nothing to do with the wolf centre and the business will remain open.