Parents Ryan Pinkney and Nathalie Bertrand

Parents Ryan Pinkney and Nathalie Bertrand

Golden welcomes first baby of the new year

Ira Erick Allan Pinkney became Golden's first baby of the year.

It took six days, but Golden finally has its New Year’s baby.

Ira Erick Allan Pinkney was born on Friday Jan. 6 at 8:04 p.m. to proud parents Nathalie Bertrand and Ryan Pinkney.

“He was two days early,” said Bertrand. “So we were really surprised when the hospital told us he was the New Year’s baby. Definitely a shock.”

Ira weighed seven pounds, 11 ounces, and joined a loving family with two over-joyed older siblings, eight-year-old Alexia (as of Jan. 16), and five-year-old Luca.

“We actually thought it was going to be a girl,” said Pinkney. “We were all surprised by that.”

While Luca held his baby brother, he insisted he knew it was going to be a boy. But sister Alexia says that was just because he wanted a brother.

The name Ira had been tentatively picked out before hand.

“We pretty much had the name picked out, but we didn’t have it set in stone. We wanted to wait until we met him or her before we were sure. As soon as we saw him though, we knew right away. He was Ira,” said Pinkney.

The now mother of three, originally from Montreal, says that is is hard to tell this early, but so far Ira has been a very good baby.

“I think all three children have been fairly different, but it is difficult to tell right now. Ira definitely sleeps a lot,” said Bertrand.

The family is thrilled with their new addition, and are perfectly content to leave the number of children at three, for now.

“I think we’re pretty happy with just three kids. But I’ve always been told I was going to have four children,” said Bertrand. “So you never know.”