Golden RCMP Report: Shots fired in the Blaeberry

Golden/Field RCMP responded to shots being fired on Holmes Deakin Road in the Blaeberry on Oct. 6.

Golden/Field RCMP responded to shots being fired on Holmes Deakin Road in the Blaeberry on Oct. 6. There were approximately six shots fired at around 6 p.m.

There was an unconfirmed report the incident may have involved a cougar shooting.

The RCMP attended and conducted an investigation of the shooting. The local Conservation Officer has been made aware and will be making inquiries.

The Conservation Officer informed Golden/Field RCMP that the Wildlife Act permits the shooting of wildlife to protect life or property, but these shootings need to be immediately reported to his office.

Residents are advised to inform the RCMP of any firearms being discharged during the night or in areas where shooting would not be expected.

By reporting the reason for the shooting many other people who live in the area will not have to be disturbed by RCMP who have to conduct an investigation.

Vehicle gets attention

The Golden/Field RCMP found an abandoned vehicle by the river. The vehicle had been in the same place for a number of days. After an investigation the RCMP determined the vehicle was a rental car. RCMP had concerns about what had happened to the person who had rented the car. As it turned out the person had been camping in the bush. The person contacted the police on his way out of town.

If someone is going to leave a vehicle for a number of days in a place where cars would not normally be parked it is recommended they contact the RCMP to inform them of their activities.

High speeds

Golden/Field RCMP have received a few reports of cars leaving the high school parking lot at a high rate of speed during the noon break. RCMP will be setting up patrols to look into the situation.

Assault update

Golden/Field RCMP are still investigating an assault which happened near the Overwaitea in Golden. There have been no new instances and no further information has been released at this time.


Recently there have been instances of vandalism in Golden. A drinking fountain was knocked off the wall of a building near the soccer field at Keith King Memorial Park.

Youths were suspected of doing the damage while coming down from the three poles area at around 2 a.m. There were a number of beer cans found in the area as well. RCMP responded after a report from the area.

They did not find anyone at the scene. There are no suspects at this time.

Stop signs at an intersection were ripped from the ground.

This is a very dangerous situation both for drivers and pedestrians. In the past this has led to a very serious accident in Golden when a car went through an intersection where a stop sign had been knocked over. Two vehicles were in a major accident and people suffered serious injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RCMP detachment.

Sheep on roads

Vehicles near the highway are asked to be on the lookout for big horn sheep which have been spotted near major roadways in Golden. Though they have not been seen on the highway as of yet drivers are asked to pay close attention while driving in the area.