Golden organizations

Golden’s organizations have been working hard this year.

The Golden Women’s Resource Centre held their annual general meeting last week, which recapped many of the programs that were made accessible to women during the year.

Some of these programs included crisis counseling, having a public interest law student available, the Safe Home program, a financial literacy program and personal development workshops.

The Women’s Centre also hosted many events for the town including a Not For Profit Fair, Women’s History Month, Golden Women’s Show and the Clothesline Project.

The AGM also shared with the 31 people who attended, the goals and priorities of the 2011/2012 year.

Some of the Women’s Resource Centre plans include increasing membership, updating their policy and procedures manual, and incorporating strategies in order to reduce barriers for women with mental health and substance abuse issues.

“Every woman who walks into the Golden Women’s Resource Centre is welcome, no matter what her story is, how much money she has where she’s from, her religion, her culture, her sexual orientation or her reputation”, Linley McLean, Executive Director of the Golden Women’s Resource Centre said, “Our organization is not here to pass judgment, we’re here to support women and provide a safe place and community.”

If you would like full details of the Golden Women’s Resource Centre’s 2010/2011 year, visit