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Golden musician hits #1 on Canadian Indie Country Music charts

Travis Pickering released his first single back in August - it just hit #1

A Golden-born musician is making waves in the Canadian country music scene, with Travis Pickering’s first single “She Gets Me” hitting #1 on the Canadian Indie Country charts.

The single, which Pickering released in August, followed-up Dreams And Gasoline, a collaborative effort between Pickering and Shelley Lynch, which peaked at #2 on the charts back in March.

For Pickering, the success of his first solo single is the product of 18 years of hard work.

“It feels like a dream come true really,” said Pickering.

“It’s the sort of validation in myself that I’ve been searching for as an independent artist; it’s really an honour to be on a chart with so many amazing artists and performers.”

“She Gets Me” is a song written for Pickering’s wife, Brielle, and is about those funny/romantic quirks that make up the finer details in a relationship.

“It was very much a song just for us that I hadn’t really planned on releasing as a single until later on,” explained Pickering.

“The more I played it and the more people listened to it and the more I was asked if I was going to record it.”

He says that he believes that the songs themes can resonate with anyone, which is why the song is so popular.

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“It’s a song that when I play it live or when couples listen to it, fingers start getting pointed at one another,” said Pickering.

“I think it’s the combination of relatability and believability that helps the song get across to the listener.”

While Pickering now lives in Calgary, he says that the support from the Golden community has been phenomenal, and a driving force behind his success.

“This town has always been incredibly supportive from the start - I feel a strong desire to represent my home town in everything I do,” said Pickering.

“You only get one hometown, I’m always proud to say that Golden is mine.”

Pickering made the move to Calgary in the fall of 2019 to help advance his music career.

Making his name as a father-son duo, playing the local music circuit in town after returning from a stint in the U.S. to play baseball, Pickering quickly picked up a following in the East Kootenays prior to his departure.

The song can be streamed on Spotify, and has a video on YouTube.

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