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Golden KFC eyes late June opening

A soft launch is planned for the weekend of June 25
The new restaurant will be opening on the strip along the highway. (File photo)

Golden’s newest fast food franchise is looking to open before the end of the month, as KFC Golden eyes a soft launch on the weekend of June 25.

Mike Bhullar and Vikram Singh, who have brought the franchise to town, have been in the fast food business for over 10 years and are excited to bring the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices to our mountain town.

“I think a lot of people are excited and we are too. The support we’ve gotten from Golden has been more than anywhere else we’ve gone,” said Bhullar.

“Just getting the doors open is going to be exciting. So many people are excited for this.”

The two say that COVID and the highway closures have presented a challenge to opening, with deliveries being delayed and training new employees.

However, they feel they’ve risen to the challenge and are eager to welcome Golden customers through their doors by month’s end.

“It’s obviously been a challenging year, but we’ve been able to pull through,” said Bhullar.

Both Bhullar and Singh say they see the space out on the highway as a food-court style place, with plans to bring in two other franchises into the building in the future.

They’re open to suggestions and feedback from local residents on what other food outlets would like to seen come to Golden next.

Singh is moving to Golden full-time and Bhullar part-time to help make the franchise work.

“It’s been pretty good, I’ve been in mountains since I moved to Canada, I like the mountains and the smaller cities. I’m not a big city person,” said Singh.

Both are excited to see what comes next for Golden.

“Golden is reaching a point of real expansion here, so it’s an exciting time to be here,” said Bhullar.

“We’re lucky that an opportunity and building opened up here.”

For the first few days of opening, the pair are recommending people use their app to order their food, which they can pick up fresh from the location, to avoid crowding at the restaurant and to allow their new employees to settle in.

The first 300 orders through the app or website will be entered into a draw to win a bran new BBQ, with second and third place prizes.

They are hoping that people will be patient through the opening as they continue to navigate the challenges that COVID presents and settle in to the community.

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