The Golden Golf Club will open for a new season on the links beginning April 24. (Claire Palmer photo)

The Golden Golf Club will open for a new season on the links beginning April 24. (Claire Palmer photo)

Golden Golf club eyes April 24 start

The golf course is supporting local businesses with the driving range and mini-golf

Opening day for the Golden Golf Cub is targeted for Saturday, April 24 as the weather warms and snow starts to melt.

The club plans to waive the 10-day advance booking policy for members who are booking tee times in the month of April.

While there’s still snow on the ground, Graeme Kreiner, director of operations for the Golden Golf Club, says their greenskeeper crew is hard at work making sure that the course is ready in time.

“We’re hoping this good weather this week really helped move things along,” said Kreiner.

The club will continue to operate with COVID protocols, Kreiner saying he expects things to pick up from where they left off at the end of last summer, if not more strict.

Kreiner says masks will continue to be required indoors, while public health sanitary and social distancing practices will be maintained.

“We’re prepared for anything,” said Kreiner.

“I think the one thing we’ve all learned, whether you’re in business or not, is that expect the unexpected.”

The course driving range has already opened as has the mini golf course,ope from noon to 6 p.m. daily.

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According to Kreiner, all the revenue from the range and mini golf will go back into the community to assist local restaurants impacted by COVID dining out restrictions.

To date, Kreiner says the golf club has been able to pass along money to nine restaurants.

“It’s not a huge sum, but it’s a token anyways to show our support for the local community,” said Kreiner.

“In a community of our size, it’s pretty critical to support each other and we’ve all felt the impact of this in various ways.

“So those that can support, really, really need to and just need to keep this good community feeling alive, even post-pandemic.”

Kriener also expects the Trans-Canada Highway closure will have an impact on the season, as people struggle to get to Golden with the extra hour and a half detour through Radium.

He says the additional closure of two weeks at the end of May was disappointing to see, especially as suppliers struggle as well to get product to the course throughout the construction project.

But Kreiner remains optimistic for the summer ahead, saying COVID has allowed golf to see a resurgence as people look for outdoor activities.

“Well, golf, we’ve been fortunate honestly, it’s been pretty lean times pre-COVID, participation wasn’t quite there and I think now being an outdoor activity, everyone’s looking for outdoor activities to do. So last year was certainly busier than we’ve seen in a little while” said Kreiner.

Kreiner says he also thinks it’s the inclusive environment at the course bringing people in, as they work against the idea that golf is only for the elite.

“I think a lot of people have been introduced to the game again, realize that it’s not this rich, elitist sport, especially at the Golden Golf Club,” said Kreiner. “We have everyone from servers, and cooks, grocery store attendants, all the way up the lawyers that are members here, and they’re really the true representation and Golden.”

The restaurant patio will also be open for outdoor food service.