RCMP Highway Patrol have set up targeted enforcement around Highway 1 detour routes. (RCMP photo)

RCMP Highway Patrol have set up targeted enforcement around Highway 1 detour routes. (RCMP photo)

Golden/Field RCMP recap May and June

The RCMP responded to 502 calls to service

According to the Golden/Field RCMP detachment, there have been 502 calls to service over the last two months – 232 in May and 270 in June.

Of those calls, 16 were persons’ offences, such as assault and uttering of threats, with four in May and 12 in June.

There were 28 calls to service for property offences, with 16 in May and 12 in June. Property offences include break and enter, theft, and mischief to property.

Over the course of the two months, there were six impaired driving investigations, five of which resulted in Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRPs), with two in May and three in June.

IRPs are given when the operator of a motor vehicle blows a “warn” or a “fail” on a roadside screening device or on refusal to blow.

You can be made to take a responsible driver program, which can cost an additional $930.

The RCMP also responded to 133 traffic related calls, with 70 in May and 63 in June.

They responded to 16 collisions, seven in May and nine in June.

The BC Highway Patrol responded to a vehicle travelling over 173 km/hr in June as well, leading to a vehicle impoundment and ticket.

“While we are accustomed to speed enforcement, such reckless speeds are not common place,” said detachment commander Sgt. Betty Watson.

“The responding members have the backing of the laws and behind their enforcement as well as the administrative penalties that go along with that, such as losing your ability to drive in that moment through the Vehicle Impound Program.”

With the highway closures to Highway 1 continuing throughout the summer, Sgt. Watson says that the RCMP have been managing the road construction detours rerouting with targeted enforcement.

“Efforts are made to ensure officers are available and strategically placed not only during the closures but also as the road is set to re open and traffic is free flowing on Highway 1,” explained Watson.

“We are not only mindful of the safety of the motoring public but also road crews who are roadside and directing the traffic through various construction points.”

The highway is currently opened during the day for the summer, with intermittent single-lane closures in the evenings and full overnight closures during weeknights.

Watson says that with summer upon us and restrictions easing across the province, the RCMP are prepared for increased traffic from tourists and vacation goers.

She recommends always checking DriveBC before travelling, in order to anticipate interrupted travel from vehicle incidents or construction closures.

“It is important for the motoring public to be prepared for interrupted travel,” said Watson.

“When closures are a result of serious collisions, the highway may be closed for several hours. It is imperative that motors are prepared with emergency essentials in their vehicle, food, water, and never miss an opportunity to fuel up.”

As restrictions ease, Watson says that they are also anticipating responding to fewer COVID compliance calls. There was only one such call over the last two months.