RCMP recap the month of February. (File photo)

RCMP recap the month of February. (File photo)

Golden/Field RCMP recap February

Golden/Field RCMP recap February

According to the Golden/Field RCMP detachment, there have been 240 calls for service over the course of February.

Of those calls, 23 were persons offences such as assault and uttering of threats assault, harassment, or cause disturbance, to name a few.

There were 19 calls for property offences, which include break and enter, theft, and mischief to property.

In addition, the RCMP responded to 97 traffic related calls.

Of these calls, 29 were collisions and vehicle incidents. Two of these were fatal, which included the Feb. 5 collision east of Golden at Emerald Lake Road, where one driver of a pick up truck from Alberta died after colliding with a delivery truck that had lost control on the icy road.

While weather may be warming, BC Highway Patrol is continuing to warn drivers that warming conditions can cause treacherous patches of ice when the sun goes down, causing water from snow melt to freeze on the road.

Winter tires are still required for travel until April 30, and winter driving conditions can continue to persist well into spring, so drive with care.

In addition, four of the calls resulted in impaired driving investigations, three of which resulted in Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

IRPs are given when the operator of a motor vehicle blows a “warn” or a “fail” on a roadside screening device or on refusal to blow.

You can be made to take a responsible driver program, which can cost an additional $930.

The RCMP also responded to two COVID related calls.