Golden/Field RCMP celebrate National Police Week

Golden/Field RCMP celebrate National Police Week

The week, which was originally created in 1970, is for showing appreciation for police across Canada

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many are rallying in support of healthcare and other essential service workers who continue their efforts in communities during the pandemic.

This week, from May 10-16, is a time to show appreciation for local police detachments for National Police Week.

“It’s a week set aside to recognize the services that the RCMP provide, but also how often detachments go above and beyond to help the communities that they’re in,” said Betty Watson, detachment commander for the Golden/Field RCMP.

“If you look at what our police services and our members are doing daily and what they give up to serve their community, it’s certainly worth recognition. I always say that our job isn’t a usual job, because we don’t clock in and out, it’s commitment to community service every day.”

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Watson emphasizes how important community service and visibility is to the Golden/Field detachment in particular, as her officers try their best to get out and serve the community whenever they can.

“It can be challenging during this time, but we’re doing our best to let our people know that we’re here for them,” said Watson.

National Police Week first began in 1970 as a way for police to connect with their communities and increase awareness about the services they provide.

Community policing is at the heart of Police Week, as it’s an opportunity for police and community members to get to know each other.

This year things will be a bit different, due to COVID restriction. In past years, there have been open houses where residents can meet and greet officers at the Golden RCMP detachment.

However, this year things have moved online.

While the celebrations have had to be scaled back this year, Watson hopes that the Golden community will still participate and acknowledge Police Week as best as they can.

“We don’t have anything formalized quite yet for this year, because we’re all adjusting to the new normal and we’re still trying to get our bearings on what that means for us,” said Watson.

Meanwhile, it’s business as usual for Watson’s officers.

According to Watson, morale continues to be solid at the detachment, which has fostered a team mentality.

“We’re all truly in it together,” said Watson.

Police will continue to respond to calls throughout the Golden/Field area when needed and will continue to investigate calls, even when social distancing sometimes prevents them from being on the scene in person.