Golden Council cancels two RMI projects

Golden Town Council has decided to cancel the Bike Share and Community Wireless projects, and to reallocate those funds.

  • May. 28, 2013 6:00 a.m.

The Town of Golden Council has decided to cancel two proposed projects with Resort Municipality Initiative funds, and reallocate that money elsewhere.

“During our budgeting process there was some discussion at the council table regarding a few of the initiatives, in terms of some hesitancy. The reason I bring this up is because we do need certainty when it comes to the projects, in their scope, their nature, and the amount of monies allocated to them,” said Jon Wilsgard, chief administrative officer with the Town.

The two projects in question are the Bike Share Program, which was due for some enhancement this year (a new rack and more bikes), and the Community Wireless Program.

The operation of the Bike Share Program was removed from the Town’s budget this year, and in the years since the wireless project was proposed, several businesses in town have created their own wireless hot spots for their customers.

“From a staff level there are options of either trying to identify new projects, or simply reallocate the money into existing projects that are already underway,” said Wilsgard.

There are several projects scheduled to begin this year, including an enhancement project on the Highway 1 corridor, and an amenity hub in the downtown area.

“I am fully in support of not starting anything new with the Community Wireless or Bike Share Programs,” said Coun. Mike Pecora, adding that he would rather see those funds go towards the Highway 1 corridor and amenity hub.

Council voted to end the Bike Share and Community Wireless projects, and will wait for the RMI Advisory Committee to suggest where those funds should be reallocated before making a decision on how to spend the money.