Some of the proposed logos for Golden’s local volunteer run radio station that will be hitting the airwaves in 2022. (Contributed)

Some of the proposed logos for Golden’s local volunteer run radio station that will be hitting the airwaves in 2022. (Contributed)

Golden co-op radio moving forward

The organization is now registered non-profit co-op

Progress is being made on bringing a community radio station to Golden, with the Golden Co-op Radio officially being registered as a non-profit service.

The organization launched its website and first annual general meeting, with Matt Clifford of the co-op saying they plan to hit the air waves in early 2023.

Currently, the fledgling radio station is trying to build its membership base and keep the momentum rolling, continuing to work towards building sustainable local radio in Golden. Fundraising is expected to launch in April as well.

“We’re working on recruiting new members to potentially help donate and be a part of the conversation going forward,” said Clifford.

“Before, we were the founding five members, who were just kind of taking it all on ourselves to see if laying down the groundwork to see if this was a possible project, but now we’re moving forward.”

The project has been in the works for just over a year now, after Golden lost long-time radio host Chris Cameron amid a wave of layoffs at Bell Media.

In response to the move, community members have been mobilizing to bring a volunteer-run co-op radio station to the airwaves.

Scott Weir, one of the driving members behind the charge, said they’re driven by the importance of local media.

“I’m a big believer in a small town like ours that it’s important to have locally owned and operated independent media to have our voices heard and have a public conversation around things with good information instead of just ramblings on Facebook,” said Weir.

It’s a sentiment that Clifford echoed as well.

“It’s about bringing a voice to Golden. It’s something we’re lacking right now. All we have is the newspaper and Facebook opinions,” said Clifford.

“We think the town could use something that’s nice and unifying, that someone whose new to the community can listen to, and can provide a diverse range of opinions and thoughts.”

There’s also the possibility for emergency communications, such as in the event of power outages like the one that happened back in December, to help coordinate a community emergency response, or for when the highway shuts down, especially for tourists passing through.

As for what will be broadcast when the time comes, Clifford says that’s up to the people of Golden. “We’ll see who brings content to us, a big part of being a community co-op radio station is that it’s up to the people who want to be members to bring content forward,” he said.

“So we’ll see what the community wants to listen to.”

Those who are interested in joining or learning more about the project can do so on their website, at