Golden Civic Centre kitchen set for renovations

Golden’s new Civic Centre has been operating without a kitchen, but now that the Town has awarded a contract, construction can begin.

  • May. 21, 2013 11:00 a.m.

Civic Centre Kitchen

Golden’s new Civic Centre has been operating without a kitchen, but now that the Town has awarded a contract, construction can begin.

The Town advertised the contract, and received two bids, one of which did not comply with the terms of tender call. Council awarded the contract to Olsen Construction for $72,500 plus taxes. (Other costs may be incurred in regards to equipment purchases).

*In the print edition of the May 22 Golden Star the figure of the contract was reported at $17,500. This was a typo, the correct figure is $72,500.

“So far the budget looks very tight,” said Chris Cochran, manager of operations for the Town.

At the moment, 100 per cent of the funds for the kitchen are coming from grants (from Columbia Basin Trust, and the Economic Opportunities Fund), but staff may need to look for other funding opportunities if the project goes over budget.


Roadway Line Painting

The Town advertised for a new contractor to enter into a three-year contract for municipal roadway line painting, and has awarded the contract to Line West Ltd.

“Our longstanding contractor announced their retirement,” said Cochran. G&D Line Marking, who had undertaken the line painting for the last several years, announced their retirement this past spring.

The total cost of the contract is up to $18,950 per year for 2013 and 2014, and up to $19,907 for 2015, plus applicable taxes.

Out of six proposals, four were compliant to the terms of tender, and Line West Ltd. had the best offer.


Holiday Inn Express Sign

The Holiday Inn Express, currently under construction on 14th Street North, requested a Development Variance Permit to increase the size of their sign.

The hotel, located behind the Shell station on Frontage Road, is at a lower elevation than Frontage Road, and is requesting permission to install a sign that exceeds the maximum height limit.

It would be approximately four feet higher that the limit, and 7 1/2 square feet larger (which is the size of their corporate signage found across the country).

The Town’s sign bylaw is from 1991, is due for an update according to town staff. However , other more pressing issues have prevented that from happening.

“Staff certainly is of the opinion that we need a new sign bylaw to address a lot of these issues,” said Gary Smith, manager of development services.

Coun. Keith Hern voted against the recommendation, saying the business should comply with Town bylaws. Council voted to proceed with the Public Notice process for the Development Variance Permit Application, with Hern and Coun. Caleb Moss opposed.