Golden Chamber goes to members over Bridge to Bridge

The Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce is polling its members to gauge opinion on the proposed Bridge to Bridge project.

The Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors held a special meeting on May 30 with the main task of looking at the Bridge to Bridge project which has been proposed by the Town of Golden.

With most directors in attendance, the group discussed the pros and cons of the project, while also looking at the best way to proceed in regards to taking an official stance, from a business perspective, on the issue.

The manager of the chamber, Ruth Hamilton, explained that many people within the community have been coming up to her and asking what the position of the chamber is on this particular issue.

The discussion in the meeting centred around whether or not the members had enough information on the issue to make an official statement, and what the next step for the chamber should be.

Another point that was raised was if the board was in even a position to make a statement about the proposed project at this time.

The board agreed this is a very important topic, both for the businesses and people in Golden. During the nearly two-hour discussion, board members talked about the project and the potential effect it may have on local businesses.

Some members felt it was the type of project that would amplify the vibrance of the downtown core while others were still unsure if, at the end of the day, the costs were worth the money which would be invested.

“The members voted us in to these positions and I think it is up to us to make decisions on their behalf,” said board member Flec Demon. He went on to say that on an important issue like this, gauging the membership is a key before making any statement.

At the end of the meeting the decision was made to send out a short questionnaire to the members to find out what their feelings are on the project.