An example of the work that Sara Tobin has done. (alpenglowbeautyco.goldenbc - instagram)

An example of the work that Sara Tobin has done. (alpenglowbeautyco.goldenbc - instagram)

Golden based mobile makeup artist brings personal touch to weddings

As a mobile makeup artist, Sara Tobin can bring her tools to any venue.

For Sara Tobin, makeup has always been a passion.

Growing up as a dancer who was classically trained in ballet, she learned from a young age how to do her own show makeup. Not only does Tobin have a personal love for makeup, but it’s the family business as well, with both her mother and sister being employed by the beauty industry.

It’s that passion and drive for makeup that led her to launch Alpenglow Beauty Co., where she works as a mobile makeup artist. She’s still fairly new to the scene, having only just started up her business last year.

“I grew up around makeup and deep down my wish was that I wanted to be own my boss,” said Tobin. “I figured there was a bit of a gap in the market in terms of makeup artists, so I’m just trying to make a go of it and get my name out there.”

Being a mobile makeup artist means Tobin’s set-up is completely portable. Her makeup bags, chairs and lights can all be packed up to be taken to a specific location to provide her services.

While she does have a studio located in the Friedman Hotel, being mobile means that Tobin can show up on the day of a wedding at the venue to do the makeup of the bride and her bridal party.

Working weddings is a favourite for Tobin, with Alpenglow Beauty Co. specializing in wedding makeup. For Tobin, her favourite part is getting to meet her clients and getting to know them personally on their big day.

“I feel pretty honoured to be a part of their day,” said Tobin. “I have a great rapport with the brides and the conversations we have as I get them ready.”

Tobin offers a variety of services and are well versed in multiple makeup looks and techniques. She strives for a more natural look, using makeup to highlight natural beauty.

She is also open to taking requests on different looks and suggests booking a trial before the wedding to work out any kinks or questions about what look the bride wants before the actual day of the wedding.

“I genuinely try and do a good job, I aim to please,” said Tobin. “My goal is to pump up their self esteem and to make them feel good for their big day, while also being a calming presence.”

Alpenglow provides service not only to Golden, but also Lake Louise, Banff, Invermere and Revelstoke.