Golden and Wildsight partner up against weeds

Wildsight submitted

A program to protect our area is coming to Golden this summer.

The Town of Golden and Wildsight have partnered up for this years Community Weed Program.  A recent press release explained that “invasive species are a huge threat to biodiversity worldwide, and in our own backyards.”

The program plans on controlling the current invasive weed sites that are found in and around Golden and identifying new invasive weeds.

To do so, a free property survey is being offered by Jenny Waters, the Community Weed Program Coordinator.

“The backyard survey helps you indentify the invasive plants that you have in your yard,” Waters explained, “we are hoping to survey and control most of the invasive weeds that are present in Golden so that we can put a stop to their spread and start the process of eradicating them from our town.”

Because invasive weeds do not have “native enemies to keep them at bay”, they spread quickly.

Many of the different species of invasive weeds have seeds that  remain viable for years.

Invasive weeds come from other countries.

Because they are not in their natural habitat, they grow quickly because they are unrecognized and do not have their usual enemies such as the insects from their country of origin.

They often destroy the native vegetation of the area as well as animal habitat by taking space and resources.

“It sounds bad, but we’re not helpless against invasive plants,” Waters said. “In this area, we still have the chance to slow the spread before the infestations are totally out of hand.”

The Community Weed Program is operated under Wildsight’s Columbia Headwaters Invasive Plant Species Program.  If you would like  a free backyard survey call Walters at 250-348-2353

For more information about the program, visit